Footprint is an mixed reality application for creating and sharing real world location-based markers. The project was inspired by the cultural heritage of Sweet Auburn Historic District, Atlanta. The approach of the project was to design an enriching culutal experience around the area while also exploring such an application in Atlanta and other parts of the world.

To learn more about Georgia Tech's Augmented Enviroments Lab and their Sweet Auburn cultural heritage projects, click here.


The project's goal was to create an experience of "discovery" and "experience" when leaving or sharing footprints. The team's product goal was to achieve an augmented reality feature that was an additive experience to social media and the Sweet Auburn cultural heritage projects.


The project evolved from the initial project ideas of annotation AR. To get a more concrete set of answers, assumptions were made in order to create a paper prototype that was testable for field research.

The challenge was to design a mixed reality annotation application and relate the experience back to the context. After much research and design considerations, Twitter provided the back-end support in users and data collection for annotations in the form of social media.


After the goals and flow of the application were fleshed out, the wireframes of the main screens were divided among the team.

A styling guidline was created for a sense of branding an unity among the designers on the project.

Viewing and Creating Footprints

Users are able to view footprints left by other people or choose to leave there own. The bottom-center "footprint" icon activates the action of leaving a footprint. The footprints integrates Twitter API to leave location-based annotations and allow visitors to follow or leave comments.

Searching and Organizing Footprints

Trails are organized footprints into album like folders and categories. An important aspect to the disovery goals was to generate opportunities for footprint trails outside of friends or followers.

AR View

The map view has a feature that allows the home screen to turn into an augmented reality view with the help of the mobile camera. This button is toggle-able back to the map view.

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